Lining Apparatus

Very handy, easy to use, quick and precise in application, without complicated motors, compressors, bins. No cleaning of nozzle or pipes required.

Temporary Lining Colors
(lifetime : a few weeks)

Spray in cans of 500 ml available in white, yellow, red and orange colors.


Permanent Lining Colors
(lifetime: 1
- 2 years)
Spray available in white, yellow and orange colors.


Patterns that facilitate lining of schoolyards, areas for the disabled, pedestrian crossings e.t.c. STOP signs, traffic arrows e.t.c. are also available. These patterns are made of special flexible material with dimensions approx. 50 X 80 cm and have a 1 mm thickness. They are placed on the road surface or sidewalk and within seconds you can color the required design.

Manual gun color-applicator, which allows sign design to be effected in the safest way.