Interlocking components which form boundaries.
Made of high density lineal polyethylene, unaffected by UV sun rays, they are available in red, yellow, white, blue and black colors. Lightweight, quickly installable, they can meet with turns of R10m radius. With an entry cap on the top to fill with water or sand and exit at the bottom to allow emptying.

Applications : permanent central traffic island, entrances/exits to industrial plants, hotels e.t.c.



A 5-pc telescopic barrier weighing a total of 40 kgs, which considerably increases when the barrier is unfolded and filled up with water.

When not in use, they can be folded in and easily moved around since they come with wheels on one side and a handgrip on the other.

Folded in length
: 1,50 m.

Folded out length : 5,60 m.

Height  : 0,60 m.   Width  : 0,70 m.