Corrugated galvanized culverts have been used for over 100 years in various European countries and in the Americas. First application in America in 1896. There have been applications in Greece for many years now.

These culverts substitute concrete pipes offering more security and reduced project cost. A wide variety of sections and diameters ranging from min. dia. 0,80 m to at least 12,00 m is available depending on the project. Bigger diameters can be produced upon special order. All materials used for production comply to UNI EN 10025 S 235 JR specifications.

The culverts are divided into sections, which are put together on site with the use of screws and nuts. These connecting items are produced acc to specifications UNI EN 20898 / 8.8 10.9.).

Corrugated galvanized culverts are definitely more secure compared to such rigid constructions as those made of concrete, taking into consideration that culverts can undertake strain with some deformation but without failure.

It is by far the most economical solution and much easier where transport of materials is concerned and furthermore offers much longer life time due to the fact that steel sheets are protected with special hot dipped galvanization.

Another basic advantage is that of construction speed. Cover material comes from excavations on site and no concrete is required.

The producer TUBOSIDER S.p.A., situated in Asti Italy, has UNI EN ISO 9001/94 certification.


Corrugated pipe for roadworks in Kakavia

 West Entrance of the Anthohori Tunnel

Corrugated pipe for roadworks in Kakavia
Corrugated pipe for roadworks in Kakavia
Corrugated pipe at Kriaritsi Halkidiki
Tunnel extension at Paranesti Drama
Pipeline for underground network in the city of Karpenisi

Underpass at the Tatarna Bridge Aetoloakarnanias