POWERMOON the portable lamp offering dazzle free reduced shadow lighting

Powermoon is always a solution where temporary high quality light is needed, whether it be in road construcion, track laying, rescue work or the limited lighting of a car park. Its most distinctive feature is its diffusing balloon cover, providing excellent light efficiency without the disturbing dazzle effecte of conventional floodlight. Thus POWERMOON makes team work possible without one person having to look into a blazing floodlight. Moreover ongoing traffic will not be dazzled and endangered by blinding floodlights when POWERMOON is in operation.

POWERMOON offers an even and pleasant light diffused by the cover of the ballon, thus avoiding harsh shadows completely.

The compact type of construction of POWERMOON enables storing and transport in very small spaces. Four POWERMOON units will provide enough light for a football field to be entirely lit within 10 minutes of installation.


Power : 1000 W
Power supply : 110 V / 220 V
Bulb : Double enveloped HMI
Lighting area : 1600 m2
Lighting amount : 99.000 lumens
Bulb winch : E40
Weight of powermoon : 8 kgs
Weight of ballast HMI 110 V version : 19 kgs
Weight of ballast HMI 220 V version : 9 kgs
Total weight of the system :
- 110 V : 27 kgs
- 220 V : 18 kgs
Optimal working altitude : 4 5 m
European made.