Polypropylene fibres for the prevention of concrete cracks

These super-fine fibres offer the most effective means of preventing creation of cracks caused by concrete shrinking.

It is well known that concrete tends to crack during the first stage of setting as at this point concrete resistance is at its lowest point while shrinkage is at its highest.

Polypropylene fibres are the most effective fibres in prevention of crack creation as they are widely dispersed in the concrete and are extremely fine. So they offer higher fibre density compressing the cracks upon creation.

Technical Properties :

material : polypropylene (PP) CH
fibre length : 12 mm
fibre diameter : 18 microns
density : 0,91 gr/cm3
number of fibres : 300 million/kgs
specific area : 225 m2/kg
melting point : approx. 145șC


There is a wide range of applications for polypropylene fibres :
- floors
- roads
- coastline protection
- shotcrete
- precast products

ΚN. Jersey construction on the P.A.TH.E. National Road
Port Pavement
(Port of Thessaloniki Organization)
Construction of canal in Northern Greece
Toll pavement at the Aphidnes toll gates