Special netting for rockfall protection











Steelgrid is a woven geocomposite made of steel wire and ropes assembled together during hexagonal double twisted wire mesh production. Steel ropes are used in the place of the conventional selvedge wire and are also inserted trasversally in the woven mesh at a distance of 1,00 or 1.50 m (STEELGRID MO). Steel ropes can also be placed in the width direction (STEELGRID BO).

It is particularly suitable for roackfall protection as a drapery system for surface or soild veneer slope stability. It has the big advantage of connecting the longitudinal ropes to the top anchor rope : the weaving of the ropes inside the steel mesh increases the lining’s strength, resulting in a more effective anchoring ability. Steel wire used in the manufacture of the double twisted wire mesh is coated with galfan, a ZN-5%Al-MM (mishmetal) alloy.